Core Services

Business Continuity. Operational Efficiency. Digital Security. Resilience.

Establish a formal cyber governance process across the clients’ organizations

TBB will conduct an onsite assessment using software created in the US that integrates the Department of Energy Cybersecurity Maturity Model (C2 M2) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).  Our experts bring the data back from the client site and prepare a detailed cyber governance assessment report for the client as well as identifying the first set of missing business process security controls that the client’s business unit needs to address immediately.

Offer a full suite of networking, cybersecurity and resilience services for existing and newly procured technologies 

TBB has assembled a team of seasoned networking and cybersecurity experts who have a long and distinguished record of service in various branches of the US Military and Intelligence Community. These experts understand the current cybersecurity threat landscape and have proven professional experience defending against the insider threats, amateur cyber hackers and APTs.  

Harden digital technologies against cyberattacks from insider and external threats

Today’s sophisticated cyberattacks from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) originating from nation states and nefarious organizations combined with the insider cyber threat from disgruntled employees or malware are making digital technologies in the network quite vulnerable.  TBB's systematic, layered approach to harden digital technologies against the insider threat and APTs provides defense architecture against all types of cyber intrusions.  

Advise on IT/OT integration strategies that support critical business functions 

TBB experts will work with a client’s IT, OT and business staff to understand the key business applications across the IT/OT fabric and recommend network, cybersecurity and business process best practices from the TBB defense-in-depth cybersecurity architecture to perform the integration reliably, securely and affordably.  

Provide clients with objective advice on digital technology choices 

Many value added resellers and integrators in the industry have a built-in bias towards certain technologies that they market to their clients in exchange for discounts and commissions from the vendors where the client does not necessarily get the technology that is best suited for their business needs. At TBB, we conduct the necessary due diligence and provide easy to read market intelligence on key technology vendors for complete transparency leaving the decision to procure the technology solely with the client. 

Help author procurement language for acquisition of digital technology 

TBB experts will work with the client’s technical and management staff to translate the business requirements into a set of technical specifications that the commercial vendor technologies will have to meet.  We can help author the Request for Proposal (RFP) on behalf of the client and build consensus with the client’s management and technical staff on the accuracy and completeness of the RFP document.

Guide clients on the design and architecture of secure networks with legacy and modern digital systems 

Our team will spend time with the client’s business units and networking/security staff to understand what business processes need to run across the legacy/modern infrastructure and then provide a bottom up design of networks, cybersecurity controls and data traffic management techniques to ensure a consistent security posture across the entire fabric without the need to uproot the legacy systems. 


Deliver a cybersecurity awareness training program for corporate, IT and OT staff 

We offer a comprehensive 3-day cybersecurity awareness program for a client’s IT, OT and corporate staff that addresses the gaps in understanding today’s cyber threats and effective ways of mitigating them through sound business practices and responsible personal behavior with digitally networked technologies. 


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